Convicted Felon and Cranking Aficionado Jordan Haskins Goes Full Perot “I’m Back In!”

Wednesday , 13, August 2014 Leave a comment

While Up North Progressive took a break and enjoyed picking blueberries, a fun outcome of last week’s primary election nearly slipped by undetected. Probably because the 95th state house district is just a little south of what’s considered, “up north.” Jordan Haskins, who in late June stopped campaigning when his felony convictions became public knowledge decided one day after the August 5 primary to jump back into the race. He was unopposed in the Republican primary election. In the Democratic Party race Vanessa Guerra of Bridgeport Township beat former Saginaw City Councilman Norman Braddock. She would have shared the ballot with Haskins whether he decided to campaign or not, but the district is heavily favored Democratic Party and Haskins had already stopped campaigning.

The fact that Guerra won instead of Braddock is why Haskins decided to get back into the race. Claiming that “I was just taking a break and thinking about some things.” Haskins also stated that he was “stuck on the ballot anyway,” and “If Norm Braddock had won, I may not have gotten back in.”

Guerra received 70% of the votes cast in the 95th district Democratic primary, 4,085 in total compared to Haskins 2,108 votes in the Republican primary. Norman Braddock received 2,912 votes. Norman Braddock was a well known name in Saginaw and everyone was surprised by the outcome of last Tuesday’s race.

Vanessa Guerra is 24 years old and a graduate of The University of Michigan, where she double majored in Political Science and Latino Studies. She is a law student at University of Detroit Mercy. She ran for township trustee in 2012. She has interned with the Saginaw County Prosecutor’s Office and volunteers with domestic violence programs in Saginaw. Guerra considers herself a progressive Democrat and wants to focus on improving education and jobs in Michigan and the 95th district.

Haskins pointed out that Guerra’s progressive mindset is a sharp contrast to his mindset, which includes being pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and Judeo-Christian. “The question this election will decide is what does Saginaw want,” offers Haskins.

The Up North Progressive can answer that question. Saginaw wants someone to represent them that has the ability to complete what they started. Someone with a sense of what their constituents need. Someone with the background and experience to get the job done. The candidate who quits a month before the election, needs time to think about things and jumps back in on the assumption their opponent will be easier to beat because they’re not the older, more well known person will find his campaign still won’t be an easy one.

Congratulations, Vanessa Guerra, on your primary victory. The 95th district will be well-served when you win in November.

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