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Have you seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus?

Has anyone seen Rick Snyder’s campaign bus?

Rick Snyder used a bus in 2010 when he first campaigned for governor of Michigan. Four years ago when he was running for office his bus could be seen all over the state making stop after stop to press flesh and make speeches about how he was just a nerd with moderate, middle of the road political views. So far in 2014 public sightings of Rick Snyder and his bus have been few and far between.

In fact, no one has seen his campaign bus at all.

Up North Progressive even tried to download the free Rick For Michigan app to learn about Snyder’s campaign schedule, but all the app had was the same old Superbowl nerd ad with the creepy jazz saxophone music and a donate button – just like his Rick For Michigan website. There was not one listing anywhere for campaign stops or any schedule. Disappointing, as this was one of the things promised when the app first became available.

So what happened to this bus? It does get used every year. Not for campaigning, but for tailgating at University of Michigan home football games. That’s where the bus has been located every fall Snyder hasn’t been campaigning.

In 2012 Rick Snyder had another bus for his vote against your best interests on these proposals tour. Has anyone seen that bus?

Usually when someone runs for office they make efforts to appear in public so people can listen to what they plan to do if elected and talk to people. Public outreach is really important in political campaigns. A guy who wants your vote but can’t be bothered to talk to constituents seems insincere about wanting to represent people in public office.

The general election is on, our next governor Mark Schauer is traveling all over the state campaigning, meeting the people of Michigan and explaining his plan for what he will do once he’s elected governor of Michigan.

Where is Rick Snyder?

Where the bus ends up this fall will solve the mystery. If the bus is on the road, then we’ll know Rick Snyder plans on campaigning for re election. If the bus is parked at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor for tailgating and storage while Rick, his family and friends go to the football game, his campaign schedule will be finalized for the election.

In the meantime, if you see the Snyder campaign bus, let Up North Progressive know!


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