Enjoy New Sarah Palin Word Salad Light NOW With Fewer Words!

Sunday , 10, August 2014 Leave a comment

No one thought Sarah Palin could be more incoherent when she opens her mouth, but thanks to her new pay-to-play subscriber TV website, we know we thought wrong.

Instead of uttering an actual random word every time she opens her mouth, she has substituted with even more random syllables and grunts. Obviously Sarah will never be a master of off-the-cuff speaking. She’s no more understandable now than she was before, but at least there’s less to make your brain hurt as you try to parse her nonsense into something coherent.

Sarah doesn’t make sense when she talks because she has no idea what she’s talking about. Elizabeth Warren gave an incredible speech at Netroots Nation in Detroit last month. She discussed 11 progressive tenets to improve the lives of all Americans. More Americans enjoying the American Dream offends Sarah Palin deeply as she attacks Warren for her 11 “tenants.” In the video clip Sarah stumbles, grunts, humphs and makes other noises about vegans and purgatory before launching into the usual out of touch with reality spiel on how minimum wage jobs at fast food restaurants are for kids in high school and they don’t need to earn a living wage. Then, curiously, the video clip seems to reach half way and quit.

That’s the problem Sarah doesn’t quite understand. When was the last time a teen met you at the drive-thru window to hand over your diet coke and big mac meal? Teens don’t get those jobs because parents and grandparents work there instead. Sarah doesn’t seem to understand fast food is not a stepping stone to other career options, it’s the dead end for many working families because the jobs they were supposed to step up to disappeared overseas or into the prison industrial system.

You would think Sarah would have something a little better prepared to say a month after Elizabeth Warren made this speech, but this is Sarah after all, the tea party queen of low expectations. Anyway, if pillsmoker.flv wasn’t enough torture for you, the full video can be found here.

And there are people who think that should run for president.

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