Meet The Candidates State House District #100: Mark Balcom and William Valko

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Two candidates will be squaring off against each other in Tuesday’s primary election for the Democratic Nomication in the 100th district. They are Mark Balcom of Hesperia and William Valko of Luther.

Mark Balcom currently lives in Hesperia. He graduated from Hesperia High School in 1977. He then attended Northern Michigan University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music. He continued his education at Central Michigan University and VanderCook College of Music in Chicago. Balcom taught instrumental music for Walkerville, Inland Lakes, and Hesperia school systems. He has been a member of the Lions Club and attends Hesperia Chamber of Commerce meetings. Balcom also served as Colfax Township Supervisor.

Until two years ago, Mark Balcom was a Republican. He switched parties when he saw the values of the Republican Party disappear. He still considers himself a conservative Democrat, but knows that the Republicans in Lansing are not using common sense. Balcom wants to be the next state representative for the 100th district to foster cooperation in Lansing. He is very concerned that emergency managers give one person too much power and erodes the civil rights of local municipalities.

Balcom wants to fix Michigan roads because they are a disgrace. With his common sense approach to business, paying for higher education, and promoting business to create more jobs. Mark Balcom has issues with Common Core not allowing for all students, as many students have different educational needs. On Proposal 1 he cautions that with roads that need fixing perhaps another tax cut is not in the best interest of the state. Finally, Mark Balcom believes it’s time for legislators to work together in Lansing, and he is asking for your vote to be part of that process.

William Valko lives in Luther. He graduated from Milford High school and has two children. Valko believes that government can improve, and as long as businesses such as the auto industry are making money, Michigan will be able to improve it’s economy.

William Valko wants to expand on the oil industry and fight for oil jobs for the state. Part of this expansion would be to run oil pipelines from Wiscons through Michigan and south to Ohio and Indiana. This way, the Keystone pipeline would be unnecessary and the state would be self sufficient. With the oil industry and the auto industry Michigan will be on track for a stronger economy.

Luther Elementary, which was part of Pine River Schools closed down a year ago. William Valko doesn’t like that this happened and doesn’t understand why schools are being closed down. He believes through using his plan to pay for road repairs more money will be available for schools. Finally, Valko believes the biggest issue facing Michigan is poverty. He wants the minimum wage raised to address this problem.

Both Mark Balcom and William Valko would appreciate everyone in the 100th district to come out and vote on Tuesday, August 5.

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