Michigan’s Rest Areas Soon To Be Sponsored By Private Companies

Tuesday , 1, July 2014 Leave a comment

The cost of Michigan’s rest areas and welcome centers are too much for the Michigan Department of Transportation to maintain through state funds, so in an effort to help pay for their upkeep, the state will offer corporate sponsorship for sale. Michigan has 64 rest areas and 14 welcome centers that in the future will display corporate logos and advertising. MDOT also looks for ward to these companies paying for other rest area and welcome center services.

The sponsorship will provided needed money for operations and upkeep of the rest areas and welcome centers, while also paying for new services such as wi-fi access, and electronic kiosks that would provide information for travelers. Vending machines are already handled by the Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Business Enterprise Program and that would not change with the new corporate sponsorship. The company sponsoring the rest area would not be able to put signs out on the roadway, but they would be able to have displays in the rest area and welcome center.

Michigan roadways already contain corporate signs, logos and advertising liberally throughout the state. MDOT believes having private companies sponsor rest areas and welcome centers would be beneficial to the state, because some states already do it. What do you think? Leave a comment and give Up North Progressive your thoughts.

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