Meet The Candidates: State Senate District #36 Joe Lukasiewicz

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Joe Lukasiewicz is running for Michigan State Senate in the 36th district. This district includes the counties of Presque Isle, Otsego, Montmorency, Alpena, Oscoda, Alcona, Iosco, Arenac, Gladwin, and Midland. He lives n Greenbush in Alcona County. He is a lifelong resident of Northern Michigan, where he lives with is wife. He has four children and three grandchildren. Lukasievicz has worked factory jobs, held management positions, and worked in both the private and public sector. Joe Lukasievicz has been a small business owner and worked for the federal government. For three years his work for the US Department of Defense required him to work in Germany. When he retired from his job in the federal government, he was a team leader and instructor of logistic systems.

Lukasievicz also has extensive political experience. He was the Executive Director of Reform Michigan Government Now, a nonpartisan ballot initiative organization to reduce inefficiency and requiring more transparency and accountability in Michigan government. He also served as the Executive Director of Unicameral Michigan, which was a ballot initiative on reducing redundancy and the size of Michigan’s legislature by creating a single house, like what exists in Nebraska.

Joe Lukasievicz believes that Michigan’s employment problems have not been remedied by the current government in Lansing. In the 36th district, many counties still suffer with double digit unemployment. Lukasievicz believes it will take the efforts of public and private sectors including tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and retail business to address the problem. Education of course is the key to boosting employment. Joe Lukasievicz knows efforts to defund and eliminate public school through charter schools and online school options are meant to cripple education in Michigan, not improve it. Education that focuses on children rather than profits is crucial to rebuilding the state’s economic recovery.

Lukasievicz also believes Michigan must do more to protect our natural resources. The 36th district has many state and county parks, forests, shoreline along Lake Huron, and inland rivers and lakes that need to be protected. Dealing with invasive species such as Asian carp threaten indigenous species and will cost the state billions to sport and commercial fishing industries. Lukasievicz also believes that hydraulic fracturing should only be allowed in Michigan if the energy companies fully disclose all of the chemicals used in the fracking fluid. Joe Lukasievicz will fight in Lansing for the 36th district to make sure management of natural resources remains above partisan politics and exploitation for profit.

If you want to learn more about Joe Lukasievicz or volunteer to help his campaign, you can visit his website and follow his campaign on Facebook. On November 4, vote for Joe Lukasievicz for the 36th district.

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  • Let me know if anyone wants to sponsor a Meet & Greet or fundraiser in your area. You may reach me through the contact link on my website or direct email at I have campaign bumper stickers ready and interim literature. Signs will be available sometime around the first of September. Joe Lukasiewicz

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      Hi Joe, I don’t live in the district you’re campaigning, but if you ever have news, press releases or information you would like me to put on the blog I would be more than happy to do more write ups for your campaign. Thanks for your comment.

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