Republican Standards: Felon On Parole Running For Michigan State Legislature

Saturday , 28, June 2014 Leave a comment

Republican Jordan D. Haskins is running for Michigan’s 95th state house district which includes the city of Saginaw. Jordan Haskins is also a convicted felon in two states and has a rap sheet that goes back to when he was 15 years old. The Michigan Republican Party says the parolee can run for public office as a member of the GOP if he wants to and represent the people of the state’s 95th legislative district. There are no rules in the state barring people with criminal records from running for office.

Haskins’ rap sheet includes breaking and entering and larceny, but it’s possible his recent convictions are the most bizarre. The Republican candidate liked to break into cars, disconnect the ignition wires, then engage in a sexual fetish called cranking. Cranking is where someone breaks into a car, then masturbates while watching the car owner try to start the car with disconnected wires. Haskins preferred trying to start the car himself.

Once his criminal record became known the endorsements he counted on for his campaign dried up unfortunately. He says nothing will stop him from running however. He knows a lot about the criminal justice system and prison and he believes those experiences will make him an excellent state representative for the Republican Party.

The convicted felon believes he has much to offer the people of the 95th district of the Michigan State Legislature from the experience of his past mistakes and regular parole officer visits that will be finished a few weeks before the November election. He won’t let any of that stop him from fulfilling his promise of running for office as a proud member of the GOP.

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