Meet The Candidates: District #5 Congressman Dan Kildee

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Congressman Dan Kildee has represented the people of the 5th district since 2013. Already he has made a positive impact on Washington with the people of Michigan in mind. Kildee knows the people he needs to work for are the people who contribute most to the economy and communities in the 5th district – hard working families and the middle class.

Dan Kildee is a native of Flint, Michigan. He attended Flint Northern High School and earned a degree in Community Development Administration from Central Michigan University. He is married with three children. Kildee was elected to the Flint Board of Education in 1977 when he was 18 years old. He also served on the Genesee County Board of Commissioners and as Genesee County Treasurer from 2000 to 2008. In 2002 Kildee founded the Land Bank with the purpose of redeveloping neighborhoods in cities. In 2012 Kildee ran for US Congress 5th district after his Uncle, Dale Kildee, announced his retirement.

In Washington, Dan Kildee will continue to work on the issues that Americans are most concerned about. A strong middle class with low unemployment can happen when there are enough good-paying jobs. To make sure there are people qualified for those jobs, Dan Kildee wants to help with the success of small businesses, who are the real job creators. Having qualified and well trained people to work in Michigan requires strong, well funded public schools with enough teachers in the classrooms so all students get the attention and quality instruction they need. Dan Kildee also knows healthy communities need funded services to help them thrive.

Making sure the elderly have access to affordable health care is another priority. Dan Kildee supports maintaining the Medicare guarantee. He also recognizes that women are under attack from Republicans by denying them pay equity, protection from violence, and limiting reproductive health care choices. Women are vital wage earners supporting families and they need the same opportunities as men. The idea that men are the only breadwinners for their families is an antiquated notion that needs to be forgotten. Keeping Dan Kildee in Washington will make sure women and the elderly are not forgotten, or seen as a burden. Finally, for many Michiganders in the 5th district and the state, finding a job is still a daily struggle. Having the means to pay for the basics while looking for work not only helps a family survive during a tough time, but also contributes to the economy. Dan Kildee has worked hard demanding that Unemployment Insurance be restored for people who are fighting the very slow economic recovery to find a job.

The people of the 5th district and the state of Michigan need a person like Dan Kildee in Washington D.C. working for the people instead of corporate interests. On November 4, re-elect Dan Kildee for U.S. Congress.

Visit his campaign website for more information and sign up to volunteer.

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