@edvotes Rate The Five Worst Education Governors: Guess Who’s Number One?

Monday , 9, June 2014 Leave a comment

When it comes to Republican governors only caring about corporate interests and the people who write the biggest checks to get what they want, there are plenty who are more than happy to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Republican Governors have gutted essential safety net programs in their states while giving corporations and the rich big tax cuts. Education Votes took a look at the Republicans holding the office of governor and their education record. Of the five most terrible Republican governors who have really made cutting public education in their states a priority, no one does it better than Michigan Governor Rick Snyder; which is why he was chosen as number one worst education governor in the nation.

What did Snyder do to win the award for worst of the worst? After all, he beat Rick Scott of Florida, Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback and even Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Our very own Nerd in Chief cut over one billion dollars from the state education budget and then tried to shuffle some numbers around between K-12 education and higher ed to make it look like he put more money in. He really didn’t. Robbing kids of funding for a good education wasn’t enough, so next he raised taxes on poor people and old people so they could share in the suffering with Michigan’s school children. All of this, which he called ‘shared sacrifice’, so he could write bigger corporate welfare checks to large corporations and the wealthy in Michigan. What did they do with that money? Anyone from Michigan can tell you they didn’t use it to create any jobs.

Congratulations to Michigan’s One Horrible Nerd, Rick Snyder.


You’re number one … for being the worst governor in the United States when it comes to education.

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