Meet The Candidates: District #1 Jerry Cannon

Sunday , 18, May 2014 Leave a comment

Retired Major General Jerry Cannon is the Democratic Party candidate running for U.S Congress in Michigan’s first district. He will be facing incumbent Dan Benisheck, who has held the office since 2011.

Jerry Cannon is a retired Marine. He served in Vietnam from 1967 to 1970. In 1977 he joined the Army National Guard and became sheriff of Kalkaska County, a position he held until 2004. Cannon’s military career includes serving as commander in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba. Through his decades of service to his country and the citizens of Kalkaska County, Jerry Cannon knows the importance of public service and that it requires listening to people and focusing on their concerns and needs.

Jerry Cannon’s campaign is focused like a laser on three things: The economy, District #1 and helping the middle class. The economic recovery in Northern Michigan isn’t doing as well as in other parts of the state. District #1 residents grapple with a 11.5% unemployment rate as businesses and factories have closed and jobs disappear. Jerry Cannon wants to promote diversifying the economy that will provide year round jobs for Northern Michigan. Cannon also believes raising the minimum wage is a must, and supporting small business by making it easier to obtain financing will give the economy the boost it needs.

In education Cannon wants colleges to work more closely with businesses to develop new technical training for the changing job market. He also wants programs in place that makes education more affordable for people who need education and training to find a job.

The middle class has taken a hard economic hit in the United States, and that’s especially true in Northern Michigan. For District #1, Cannon will work to ensure to lessen the tax burden on the middle class and the elderly. They shouldn’t be picking up the slack for wasteful spending and corporate tax cuts. Jerry Cannon supports equal pay for women and tax credits to businesses that hire veterans. Cannon also believes that the Affordable Care Act isn’t a perfect law, but it’s better than what Americans had before it existed. He would like to see parts of it fixed to make it better.

Jerry Cannon is just the person Northern Michigan needs to represent them in Washington. He has decades of dedicated service and understands what that means when representing the people. Do what’s best for District #1 and elect Jerry Cannon to United States Congress. To learn more about Jerry Cannon, you can visit his campaign web site.

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