Two times a year, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources offers a free fishing weekend for people who would like to fish without a license and hopefully give people who have never fished the opportunity to discover how fun fishing can be. The winter fishing weekend is this weekend, and with temperatures in Northern Michigan ranging anywhere from the mid forties to the mid fifties, people may be more interested in fishing in February.

Unfortunately, the bad thing about bright sunshine and warm temperatures in February is that ice melts quickly in those conditions. It may not be safe on all Michigan lakes to try ice fishing during this free fishing weekend. We’re days away from the deadline to remove ice shanties from the lakes in some parts of the state, but with the warm temperatures waiting until the last day may be too late.

The warm weather we’ve had in Northern Michigan also means snowmobiling has been down as well. Like ice fishing, fewer people enjoying the outdoors up north means fewer people stopping by their favorite restaurants and shops. Businesses rely on that income to stay open over the winter.

Most of all, the warmer weather means our congressmen who have annual snowmobiling runs on our lovely state trails canceled their plans due to the weather. At least that’s what they’re telling us for now. They’re on break and supposedly back home in their districts; what else do they have to do other than spend time with their constituents asking questions in person? The warm weather means more people will travel to town halls to ask questions and expect answers. that’s what we pay them to do, right?

The weather is going to be unusually warm and sunny in Northern Michigan this weekend. Head outdoors, have some fun, and try not to think too much about how warm it might be this summer.

Trump is such an insecure little bitch he has to knock people over to feel superior.

Better bring the herd on in, big one’s about to blow.

So while everyone was watching Mike Pence break a tie in the Senate and allowing turbo checkbook writer Betsy DeVos buy herself an entire government agency, Congressman Thomas Massey of Kentucky introduced this bill into the house:

The seven co-sponsors of this bill include Michigan’s Justin Amash (no kidding), Andy Biggs of Arizona, Jason Chafetz of Utah, Florida’s Matt Gaetz, Jody Hice of Georgia, Walter Jones of North Carolina, and Idaho’s Raul Labrador.

This is something Republicans insist needs to happen, and have been since Reagan was president. Funny how it never happens though. Conservatives tell their constituents they’re in favor of state and local control of schools, but yet they continue to push policy nationally designed to undermine the party that supports public education. Do as I say, not as I do.

Let’s watch this one and see how far it goes.

The results of today’s senate vote on Betsy DeVos were extremely disappointing, but not surprising. This woman owns as many politicians as she can without shame or remorse as she takes her must destroy public education show nationwide. She’s been laying the ground work for this for a long time.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette released a statement today.

And this is how much the DeVos Crime Family owns him.

Schuette wants to take his Schuette show to Washington D.C. too. He has eyes on the White House after he’s done being Governor of Michigan. Dick and Betsy’s money is practically limitless to accomplish this.

To the Republican Senators who intend to vote for Betsy Devos’s confirmation as Secretary of Education because she bought the office in the 2016 election:

“I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence,” she wrote. “Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect something in return. We expect to foster a conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues. We expect a return on our investment.”

This statement is literally the only qualification Betsy DeVos has in public education. She pays people to do her bidding and bullies them when they don’t. She comes from a family legacy of using their billions to force people to do things their way or else. Eliminating public education is part of the DeVos agenda to turn the United States away from the secular Democratic Republic envisioned by the founding fathers and into a theocratic state where only fundamentalist Christians rule. Some of you know this is true and support her efforts. Some of you don’t really care and pocketed the campaign contribution anyway. You really do need to stop and consider what’s happened to education in Michigan over the past twenty five years and ask is this really what you want to see nationwide.

It was ironic listening to Betsy during her confirmation hearing as she talked about giving back local control of schools, because she certainly doesn’t practice what she preaches. Everything that has happened politically in Michigan since the 1990’s is a result of the DeVos family fortune paying for political control of the state. Betsy DeVos and her billionaire family funded organizations such as Dr. Paul DeWeese’s Teach Michigan.

It was DeVos money that paid in part for Richard Mclellan’s Mackinac Center, the state’s political machine that champions anti-labor and anti-public education’s causes. DeVos money funded the recent Detroit ‘bailout’ passed by the Michigan legislation designed to in fact dismantle the state’s largest school district.

The results of DeVos buying politicians in Michigan to push her for-profit education model is a disaster of low-performing charter schools springing up all over the state by people with little to no education experience and even worse, using charter schools as a way to generate money for personal profit. The biggest charter school fraud case you’ve never heard of is the story of convicted felon Dr. Steven Ingersoll; a vision therapy optometrist who peddles snake oil treatments promising to cure ADHD and Autism. He’s now serving three years for federal felony fraud. The charter school he embezzled $5 million from refuse to lift a finger to recover the taxpayers’ money, and recently it was discovered the school board tried to secure a loan for Ingersoll after his indictment to open yet another school.

DeVos money funded all of this, and more in the state of Michigan and the country. States where Betsy can pay politicians to vote for vouchers now have school vouchers. If she can convince schools to pay for snake oil biofeedback treatments for kids with ADHD and Autism, she will do that too.

The DeVos’s are on record stating they want to eliminate public education and replace it with a Christian-based system. This is against the first amendment, but they don’t care as long as they can buy votes and politicians. It’s not about free access to public education; it’s about separating the “pig bones” of public schools from the narrowly defined theocratic society people like the DeVos’s want to create. Betsy DeVos is very open about children only having the option to attend Christian schools or receive Christian education at home. Her vision for schools is based on business and profits, not what children actually need.

This is the list of senators Betsy DeVos has bought and will likely vote to confirm her on February 7, 2016. If Republicans today had ethics and integrity, American public education would not hang in the balance. Perhaps between now and tomorrow, one or two of you will see Betsy DeVos for the wrecking ball she is and vote to not put her in a federal position she has no business occupying.

John Moolenar seems to be unhappy with his constituents.

Respectful, civil and dignified discussion of the issues facing our country is a vital part of our republic. I will always engage in civil discourse and respect the policy differences between us on any issue.

Right now, public debate is overheated on many issues, with health care being the most prominent. I have already received online comments and calls to my office wishing for harm to come to me and my family. These comments have no place in public discourse.

As our country debates health care it is important that we all look at the issue honestly, without personal attacks that impugn the integrity and character of our fellow citizens.

Moolenar goes on to insist the Affordable Care Act must be repealed, but it will be replaced with something just like the Affordable Care Act.

We all want a personalized patient-centered system that provides care for Americans, without interfering in the sacred patient-doctor relationship. Already, committees in the House are working toward a replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act that is expected to include coverage for preexisting conditions and allow dependents up to the age of 26 to stay on the plan of their guardian(s).

And he wonders why people are screaming at him.

The majority of Americans do not want their health care taken away. In the years since we’ve become accustomed to the ACA we’ve found that having health plans we can afford, free prevention care, dependents covered until they’re 26, and being female not considered a pre-existing condition are good things we want to keep. Yes, the insurance companies have raised rates, because we’re still relying on a for-profit insurance system designed to benefit CEOs instead of customers.

The only replacement possible for the ACA is single payer health care. This could be achieved by simply expanding Medicare to cover everyone regardless of age.  Unfortunately, the rest of the nation is held hostage by insurance companies and their profits, even to the point of letting people go bankrupt and die trying to pay their medical bills. Americans don’t want to go back to that, but repealing the ACA will do just that. Thanks to Republicans like Moolenar calling the ACA Obamacare, many of their constituents were confused when they realized the ACA and Obamacare were the same thing. Funny, how with the new regime in the White House Moolenar and the rest of his Republican cronies stopped calling it Obamacare.

Moolenar is perfectly fine with this, as long as his rich donors are taken care of; the people who voted for him are a secondary concern. This is becoming increasingly obvious with his public meetings being held at various locations throughout his 15-county district. The events appear to say that John Moolenar will be in person, but constituents attending these events discover that an aide is there instead. The staff member also is very ill-equipped to handle questions from residents of the district. People walk away frustrated with lots of unanswered questions – and venting their frustration on social media.

The next meeting scheduled is February 13, 2017 in Big Rapids. The meeting will take place at the court house from 11:30 to 12:30, but once again Moolenar will not be the one attending. Constituents are getting angry because they want to talk to Moolenar in person. Bring letters of concerns, and tell the aide Moolenar sends in his place he must attend these meetings soon. People are frustrated and stressed by the chaos in Washington D.C. and want real answers. One question that needs to be asked is why haven’t the Republicans come up with a replacement yet when they’ve had six years to get it done? They’ve had plenty of time to pass repeals to Obamacare over 60 times. The Up North Progressive realizes they’ve answered their own question.

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+1 (202) 456-2357
+1 (202) 456-4265

You’re welcome.

whew, 10 days down, only 1450 days to go!

Thank you, Judge Donnelly, for putting a stay on Bannon’s executive order signed by Trump and allowing legal residents to come into the country last night. This morning there are still reports that not all customs officials are following the court order won by the ACLU last night, but some are ignoring that court order and still detaining people legally trying to enter the country.

People on social media keep asking what can be done. They needed to do it on November 8, 2016, but back then they made up plenty of excuses why they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton. They’re the real reason Trump is occupying the White House now, not the white women who voted for Trump they want to blame.

Other news ignored in the chaos is that the author of the EO that caused the illegal detaining of people legally entering the country now has a seat on the National Security Council.

Trump also managed to get an American killed in Yemen yesterday. This is why once again Trump is rage tweeting about the “failing” New York Times.

if you can, donate to the ACLU, they need all the help they can get overturning The unconstitutional garbage Steve Bannon is writing and Trump is signing.

Happy Sunday. Make it count. Now is the time to mobilize, get organized, and get ready for the 2018 election. No, we don’t vote for president, but remember that every single Republican has been complicit in what Trump and his Nazi advisor, Steve Bannon, are doing. We vote those bums out, and then we get rid of Trump in 2020. At the rate he’s going enough Americans will be fed up with living in Trumptardistan and gratefully do whatever they can to bring America back.

Pissboy Trump now occupies the White House. On Friday he spoke before a minuscule crowd and paraded through empty streets. This is all documented, however Trump would have none of it.

Yesterday while addressing the CIA in Langley, Virginia, Trump railed against the media for saying his inauguration was poorly attended (it was) before hinting at another war in Iraq because we didn’t take their oil last time. As his motorcade was hindered by the crowd of people three times larger that came to Washington to protest the predator in chief, Trump realized the majority of the American people were still living in America, and not interested in becoming citizens of Trumptardistan.

Enter Sean Spicer, the mouthpiece for Trumptardistan. He called a press conference, made the press sit for over an hour, then delivered this train wreck:

Did you hear that? He blatantly lied about the crowd sizes, lied about magnetometers slowing people down that the Secret Service stated weren’t even there, and finished it with telling the press what they <B><I>should be</I></B> reporting. Spicer stuttered and screeched like an angry adult who doesn’t understand why the kids don’t appreciate everything he’s doing for them. It’s because the kids know you’re lying, dad.

Welcome to the next four years. It will take no time at all for die-hard trumptards to believe every lie told by the Trump regime. Americans who know the truth will be yelled at, and the people in the middle will shrug and say, “I guess we just can’t know what’s true and what’s a lie.” If you’re feeling scared, unsure, and frustrated, that’s how gas lighting is supposed to work; a classic Kremlin tactic to dis-inform the public.

While the narcissistic sociopath in chief lied in front of the CIA, he faced this wall:

Irony will be a common occurrence with this administration.