Countdown until he’s so bored and fed up pretending to be president he goes on another “thank you” tour.

As Trump’s inauguration begins and the majority of Americans still come to grips with the knowledge that a foreign power committed an act of war with our elections and the Republican Party is perfectly fine with that, we can only witness the spectacle with dread and revulsion. An illegitimate degenerate savage is about to sit in the White House for the next four years, maybe, and pretend he’s President of the United States.

If there is one thing that has become true about this new era of American history, it’s the statement, “nothing matters.” Facts are useless while complete fabrication becomes gospel. If Trump tweets it, it’s good enough for the GOP. How far into the void of chaos have we fallen? Even respected new sources like the Detroit Free Press publish fake news on their front pages now. Trump supporters feel the truth, no longer demand evidence to support their claims.

And since Washington D.C. accepts chaos as the new normal, The Up North Progressive will do their part to remind everyone that this is not normal, no matter what the Republicans want us to believe. Chaos is disorder, but that disorder is the potential to create, not destroy. The Republican Party intends to use the Trump usurpation to destroy the United States – a secular democratic republic as designed by the founders of this nation – and replace it with a theocratic regime much like they enjoy in Iran and Saudi Arabia today.

‘Nothing matters’ is much like the Persian assassin Hassan-i Sabbah’s famous quote, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” That is certainly the case with Trump. He can hire prostitutes to pee on a bed, and say it never happened despite American intelligence agencies having evidence that it did happen, and the faithful accept the word of a narcissistic habitual liar.

That’s why at 11:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, as Trump takes the oath of office, the Up North Progressive will light the candle pictured above. The sigils on it are designed to return all of Trump’s negativity back to him where it belongs.

And it won’t matter at all, Right?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Who cares if it’s fake news or not, how often do you get to see #goldenshowers trending on twitter and it has to do with a president-elect?

If you had any doubts before about the cognitive level of Republican voters, remove all doubt.

Everyone by now has seen the incredulous facebook exchange where an ignorant Trump voter crows about the end of Obamacare, only to have friends point out Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing – and which happens to be the health insurance the original poster has. It appears this is not an isolated thing.

And just in case the twit who tweeted this makes it disappear:

The reality of Trump’s promise to kick millions of Americans off of their insurance hit home when coal miners suffering from black lung disease realized the new black lung benefits were part of the Affordable Care Act.

But he promised to bring our jobs back! That’s why we voted for him!

For over six years people listened to the fear mongers and believed Obamacare was a horrible thing, yet signed up for health insurance through the ACA never realizing they were one and the same.

If you have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, you have Obamacare. That Americans don’t know this fact shows how good Republicans are at lying to the American people. Once they repeal the ACA (which is Obamacare) the plan is to delay the elimination of the law until it’s time for the next election. Don’t want all those people about to lose their insurance mad at the bums who took away their health care and vote them out.

Also remember while these same Republicans in Washington D.C. take away your taxpayer-subsidized health care, they will keep their fully taxpayer-funded health care. Do as I say, not as I do.

Billy West’s recordings of Trump quotes during the 2016 campaign were genius. Mark Hamill’s is also brilliant. The GOP of course could care less they just elected a cartoon villain into the White House.

How do you know Rick Snyder has learned his lesson about not properly regulating things people eat and drink because it may poison them? Today he vetoed a bill that would have eliminated the requirement for people who hunt morels to sell be certified so they don’t poison people with toxic mushrooms. House Bill 5532 introduced by Triston Cole of Mancelona would have eliminated the new 2015 rule that people who hunt for morels in Michigan to sell at markets and restaurants be trained and certified to identify safe mushrooms from toxic ones.

Most impressive of all is the statement made by One Tough Nerd concerning using the word morel in the bill:

… by simply using the lay term “morel” in the bill rather than specifying the particular organisms qualified for exemption (in this case, Morchella species), it would have the unintended consequences of including species in addition to morels for exemption from the certification process.

Good job, Rick! The species Morchella are the true morels and contain a number of subspecies that grow in Michigan. Morchella esculenta is the white or yellow morel that go for $50 a pound or more, and the mushroom high end restaurants want to buy. Black morels, or Morchella augusticeps is the smaller morel with a stronger flavor and appears earlier in the spring before the white. Another Morchella that is pretty rare but can be found in Michigan is Morchella semilibera, or the “half-free” morel.

False morels that also grow during the same time as true morels are Gyromitra, or more popularly known as the “beefesteak” morel, and Verpa species, which look very much like a true morel. Both of these species contain a toxic compound that is a common ingredient in rocket fuel. Hydrazine poisoning is really nasty and causes liver damage.

The Up North Progressive loves morel hunting and has found all of the above mentioned species growing in the same super secret hunting locations visited every spring. This is why it’s important to know what you’re taking home to feed your family is safe, and that goes triple times infinity for hunters planning to sell their morels. Verpa only looks like Morchella on the outside, take a look inside and you will instantly know the difference. If you know what to look for. Which is why maybe taking a class and learning how to do that is a good idea. Before you sell your morels and send people to the hospital.

Good job, Nerd. You chose correctly to protect people from being poisoned. This time.

North Lake Correctional Facility in Baldwin, Michigan, the prison owned by GEO Group will not renew their contract with the Vermont Department of Corrections due to end in June of 2017. Currently, around 200 of the 370 prisoners originally sent to the Lake County facility in June of 2015 remain at the facility that can house 2000. Every day GEO Group keeps the prison in operation, the for-profit company loses money.

In May of 2015, the prison promised Baldwin that 1700 prisoners would be housed in the prison by October of 2015, thanks to two new contracts with Vermont and Washington State’s Departments of Corrections. These contracts would ensure full-time employment for local people, and would last for a minimum of two years, with the potential for renewal as long as these states needed to house prisoners at NLCF. By June, half of the prisoners Vermont promised arrived at the prison. The 1000 prisoners from Washington State never arrived, despite promises to send them in October, then some time in the spring of 2016. By October of 2015, the layoffs began.

Contract negotiations with other states never materialized, and GEO Group also proposed renting the prison to the Michigan Department of Corrections in April of 2016.

Stocks tumbled for GEO Group in August of 2016 when the Federal Government announced they would end their contracts with private prisons. Another for-profit prison company, Corrections Corporation of America also suffered when their stock values dived from the announcement.

The best thing that could happen for Lake County and the state of Michigan would be for the Michigan DOC to purchase the North Lake property completely from GEO Group and use the modern facility to close down older prisons in the state. GEO can’t keep the facility open, and the county doesn’t need the burden of a 2000 bed prison sitting empty. Whether this will happen in Michigan right now, with the Republicans still entrenched in all branches of state government and hostile to anything but for-profit, low quality contracting to fulfill the state’s needs is conservatively a wild card. What Michigan must do however is tell GEO Group three strikes you’re out. They failed to keep the prison open, and it’s time to come up with a solution that benefits everyone, not just another corporate entity with no ties or loyalty to the state.